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Economy Springfield Tree Service LogoWe are not your typical tree service company. We go beyond what is usual and surprise you what we can do! Economy Springfield Tree Service will take care of you and your tree. Our professional team caters to all your tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, lot and land clearing, mulching, and emergency tree service needs.  We strive to be the tree service Springfield, IL property owners trust for quality tree care.

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We are from an area with a multitude of trees of all species and sizes, so it is safe to say that we have seen them all. We understand how dangerous trees can become if they are left in an unhealthy condition; that is why we specialize in safe and efficient tree removal. We want to help you eliminate all the hazards that can be potentially brought by the tree in your yard. When you require tree service to get rid of the dead or dying tree in your yard, don’t hesitate to call us. Rest assured that we got you covered from the beginning until the end of the process. We can also take care of trees that already fell on the ground. Our team will haul the branches and limbs away or cut them into a height fit for firewood purposes. Trees are vital to us, but your safety comes on top of our priority. If you need any of your trees removed, whatever the reason is, Economy Springfield Tree Service can come to your assistance. We offer only the best quality tree service in the local area for a fair price.

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We are not the best tree service company in town for nothing. We can perform every tree care service necessary for the health of your tree. It is not the end of the road for that tree in your yard. Our certified arborist will assess its health and do everything in his ability to revive the beauty and overall welfare of that once vigorous tree. Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem, and it is our goal to ensure they thrive to their highest potential. We can perform tree trimming, mulching, and fertilization, to help your tree grow stronger and even more attractive. Call the tree removal Springfield, IL trusts, and we will discuss with you our tree services further.

Who We Are

We are all aware that trees are an indispensable part of our lives. It offers many benefits that we can only imagine. However, when they catch diseases, get infected, and begin to have dead limbs and branches, the once beautiful tree becomes a threat to our existence. When this happens, we will be there to help you make the best decision for the future of your tree. Our tree service 

    company is on top of the game of tree care with certified arborists on our team, and we can assure you that your trees are in good hands.One of our most requested services is tree removal, and we are not surprised why. There are just too many large trees in the area that needs to be eliminated. We have been in the tree business long enough to know how to remove trees in the safest and fastest way possible, so leave it all to us. 

    Taking care of trees is our passion, and we want to help your tree achieve a healthier and more beautiful appearance through our professional approach. Our team will meticulously perform tree care in your yard. We can finish the job in a few hours and will not leave any traces of our existence in your property. Whether it is tree removal, tree trimming, or a simple diagnosis of the current situation of your tree, Economy Springfield Tree Service is ready to provide you precisely what you and your tree needs.

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    10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

    • We are tree care certified. Although getting a certification for tree care is all voluntary, being granted this credential only shows the professionalism and dedication of tree service in the job. It means the tree company keeps itself in the know of the latest techniques used in the industry. You want to hire men who are highly knowledgeable about the job. 
    • We can handle all types of trees. Maybe you have a relatively small tree that you want to be pruned—we can handle that. Or perhaps you need to get rid of that large hazardous tree in your yard—we can also take care of that. No matter the species, size, or circumstance is, Economy Springfield Tree Service can complete the job in no time. In our years of service, we have seen hundred-foot tall trees, and we can proudly say that we have done the job correctly. We urge you never to attempt dealing with large trees because they can put your life in danger.  Tree trimming Springfield, IL business and homeowners have trusted since 2017, we are your go-to arborists. 
    • We use world-class equipment. We know how vital equipment and tools in our line of job that is why we invest in only the best of its kind. We want to provide our customers with top-rated service that they deserve, so we make sure everything we use in tree care is well-maintained and in tip-top condition. Our chainsaws, stump grinders, and even our trucks are the best in the market to ensure the top quality of service. Our equipment serves us our ammunition in the war, and we make sure to have enough of it so we can win every battle. 
    • We are fully insured. You might have heard someone say that tree work is no easy work, and that is precisely true. We have to deal with heights, operate heavy equipment, and lift the extremely heavy load of wood. Although we have professional tree experts in-house, it doesn’t mean that they are no longer susceptible to getting hurt. For this reason, being fully-insured is crucial to keep our employees as well as our clients protected from liabilities of any kind. If you hire a company without insurance, you put yourself at risk of being legally and financially responsible in the event of an injury or damage while they are in your property. With Economy Springfield Tree Service, this will not be your concern because we are fully insured for your security and safety. 


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    • We efficiently perform high-quality tree service. We never do our job half-baked. When we come to your doorstep, you can expect 100% quality in our work. Our team is detail-oriented and will make sure everything has been taken care of before we leave. Also, we have been doing this for decades now, which means we have been more adept at the ins and outs of the job, helping us finish the task faster than our competitors. 
    • Your safety comes first. We take time to consider your safety in everything we do while on your property. We plan our every action and make precautionary measures necessary for a safe job. Our employees wear personal protective gear to secure their safety. 
    • We employ in-house arborists. It has been a common practice by many tree companies to outsource certified arborists. However, this can mean you are not entirely sure of the quality of service you can get. This is not the case for Economy Springfield Tree Service because we have been with our certified arborists since our establishment and we can trust them to give the same quality service every time.  As the tree trimming Springfield, IL property owners call, we can re-shape and ensure you trees stay beautiful in your landscape. 
    • We have well-trained technicians in our team. Just because we are skilled doesn’t mean we should train even more. Economy Springfield Tree Service invests in training to ensure our technicians are on top of the game. We require our new-hires to undergo several training programs to ensure they are the best fit for the job. Even our experienced employees don’t stop learning. We have special refresher courses to help our seasoned technicians be the best in the industry. 

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    • We are respectful and friendly. We don’t only focus on the technical aspect of the job, but we also make sure we have the right attitude to ensure customer satisfaction. We respect your time and will never waste it. We have trained our employees to communicate with our clients with professionalism, honesty, and respect. We want you to be comfortable with our team, so you can freely say what your preference is. Rest assured that our team goes beyond your expectations when it comes to quality customer service. 
    • We help your tree live to its full potential. Our mission is to make every tree live for the longest time possible. We use the right approach and techniques to ensure that your trees are all cared for, so they can thrive throughout the years. We can help your diseased tree recover and regain its health and former beauty. We have a list of satisfied customers whom you can talk to for reference.

    Don’t entrust your trees to just anyone. Only ask help from a company with proven credentials and a number of years in the business. We have everything you are looking for in a tree company and more! We are more than what we say, and we can prove to you why we are the local area’s best choice when it comes to tree service.  When you need tree removal Springfield, IL property owners trust, call us 24×7. 

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