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Trees need maintenance as much as humans do. While humans have hair that requires trimming, trees have limbs and branches that need pruning. Untrimmed trees tend to grow in wild directions and can, later on, cause a threat to your safety. When you require a tree care company to take care of your lovely trees, Economy Springfield Tree Service will be there to provide you with it. We ensure the health of your trees while keeping their natural beauty and shape. Give your trees a good fighting chance at thriving for a long time with proper tree care.

Tree Maintenance

Trimming is crucial for the proper dispersion of nutrients among branches. It also reduces the risk of the branch or limb from falling off during a windy day. An overgrown limb or branch is heavier than its ideal weight, which can result in your tree eventually collapsing. Aside from safety and health reasons, trimming can do wonders for the appearance of your tree. Well-trimmed trees have better structure and look more groomed compared to those that are not. When you need professional tree trimming, call our tree specialists, and we will be right there at your doorstep to give you exactly what you need.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is like trimming, but a little subtler in approach. This technique is essential to redirect nutrient flow to living healthy branches and not deadwood. It is necessary to cut back broken and dead branches because they are not only unsightly but hazardous. Pruning is also used when you have overgrown branches that hang over your roof or vehicle. Although pruning may seem a simple task, it requires the right knowledge as well as the tools to get it done. Economy Springfield Tree Service has been in the business of pruning long enough to learn all the proper techniques. You can trust us to take care of your tree for you.

Vista Pruning

Vista pruning is an effective way to raise the canopy level on trees. It is used mainly for trees located in the front yard to avoid obstruction for your view. Our team will be thorough in our approach and will safely raise the canopy of your tree, so you can have your view back and enjoy the beautiful sight of your tree. You are just one phone call away from getting a well-maintained tree in your yard.

    No Crowning

    Unfortunately, we still get inquiries about tree crowning services. We want to think that these calls are from those who don’t fully understand what it does to their trees. Economy Springfield Tree Service doesn’t provide this service simply because it does more harm than good to trees. It is not safe for trees if their crowns are cut away which often leads to their death. 

    Crowning is never on our list of effective ways to prune trees, and we hope that you won’t allow other tree companies to perform this on your tree. We would be more than happy to discuss crowning with you when you give us a call. We only do what is best for the health and overall welfare of trees in general.

    Tree Trimmers Springfield

    When trimming trees, safety is our top priority. As local tree trimmers, we understand the importance of providing a reliable and affordable tree trimming service. In Springfield, there are many local tree trimming companies to choose from, but our focus on safety sets us apart. We offer cheap tree trimming options without compromising on quality or professionalism. 

    Our goal is to be the go-to choice for anyone who needs our local tree trimming service and become one of the most affordable tree cutting businesses in the Springfield area. With years of experience and a dedication to safety, our team of local tree trimmers is ready to handle any tree trimming job, big or small. Trust us for all your tree trimming needs in Springfield.

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